Janathon Day 3

Disney 2011, originally uploaded by [rich].

I did not want to gt out early and go for a run this morning – gales and rain, nice!

Did a 2 mile jog/walk combo and then went for another 2 mile walk with the kid 😀


~ by joggerblogger on January 3, 2012.

5 Responses to “Janathon Day 3”

  1. Great to hear! I’ve got to get back out there and start wogging again…

  2. That’s great, for me I think 3/4 of the battle is against my mind! I don’t want get off my backside! When I force myself though it ends up being worth it!

  3. Maybe you want a new challenge this year?

    An extreme running obstacle race is being held in June over either 5k or 10k.

    Have you got the mind and the stamina to rise up to the challenge?

    Visit http://www.xtremerunning.co.uk now for more information on upcoming events.

    Thank you, Nicole from Xtremerunning

  4. Hey JoggerBLogger I love it that your last blog entry is Janathon Day 3! Nice one. rofl. Keep up the (good) work.

  5. Hey, sorry to see posts drop off on this site. How’s it going? 😦

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