Juneathon day 10

Kev’s adventures day 59, originally uploaded by [rich].

Ssshh! 😉 Did a quick couple on miles walking at lunchtime then when I got home I did something that my old body hasn’t done in an age…

Dug out the newest pair of NB trainers and went for a run – a run! Rewind – the kid really wants to start running (along with her 100 other things she does) so I said that I’d train her up and then when she was 100% fit I’d ride my bike out with her. So tonight we did the old walk a lamp-post run a lamp-post gig. All good so far – will see how my body is in the morning 😀 YAH for Juneathon and much love to JOGBLOG for getting all our butts out the door.


~ by joggerblogger on June 10, 2011.

One Response to “Juneathon day 10”

  1. Whoop whoop, Joggerblogger running! Good luck with Mini-JB’s running, I’m sure she’ll be fab.

    (Don’t overdo it though…)

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