Fire Breathing Fish

Fire Breathing Fish, originally uploaded by [rich].

Well Saturday has been mad! Snow, snow and more snow. Sorted all the crap from the loft and boxed up and filed away. New shower and taps ordered, nearly all the prep work in the shower area sorted – waiting for the aqua board to come (no tiles this time as when the house settled this was a problem – hence the redo). Wooden flooring purchased. I can’t wait to move all the bedroom stuff out (and all the contents of the walk-in wardrobe) to lay this. Only things left to sort is the paint and order the wooden blinds.

Did the fire breathing fish drawing this morning 🙂

Just off the treadmill – 1.5 miles in 1:49.


~ by joggerblogger on January 9, 2010.

3 Responses to “Fire Breathing Fish”

  1. 1.5 miles in 1:49? Man, that’s fast. Does Norris McWhirter know?

  2. Lol – that’s the joy of the treadmill 🙂 Stick it on fast and just hang on…

  3. PS I did mean 14:49 😉

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