What a Sunday!

The girls, originally uploaded by [rich].

Apart from waking up at an ungodly hour to head off up to Sheffield for climbing it’s been awesome.

To celebrate the small persons Birthday she got to choose what we all did today – and I must report a fun time has been had by us all. 2 hours climbing, the funsized managed a PB and got to the top of the 14M wall (46 foot in old money).

Then we headed back south to have lunch/dinner at Pizza hut. Everyone managed a few slices eachand we bagged the rest to eat at home later the sat back and watched the ice cream factory sucked dry by all the kids. Our server nearly cried when I pulled my 50% off internet voucher 🙂

Watched a movie then 2 Miami Inks and sneaked off out for a ride on my bike. I must moan at this point – as a car driver paying about £5.50 per gallon and £200+ road tax, what the f*ck are they spending the ROAD part of the tax on? I hadn’t really noticed how shit the roads are around here until I got a road bike. The first foot or 2 from the kerb on all the roads are rubbish – sort it out. And secondly, if you ever need it to rain just send me out on my bike – another wet one.

Loving the biking though, even when my ankle isn’t 100% I can still exercise pretty pain free because of my clip-less pedals. If I stick at it I may save up for a proper roadbike next year – then again that may involve lycra and I’m allergic to fitted clothing.

Distance –  10.77KM (6.692 miles)
Time – 36.47
Max  – 45.6KMPH


~ by joggerblogger on September 6, 2009.

3 Responses to “What a Sunday!”

  1. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Small person, Happy birthday to you!!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday E! Give her big hugs from us over here. Oh, and JB, I would kill to see you in some lycra. =-)

  3. Thanks guys – she sends here love to all 😀

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