Well it’s a start

Orange Clockwork, originally uploaded by [rich].

Back for one night before we head off again (fingers crossed) – can’t beat getting a cheeky week off work.

Leeds was ace had a great time hitting 3 of the museums (will download the pictures from kid cam later).

Got back and went out for a spin on the bike – I AM SO UNFIT, but will be back to form on a month or two I hope.

Distance = 4.118 KM (2.5miles thanks to metric-conversions.org)
Time Taken = 16:43
Month total = 4.118 KM (2.5 mi)


~ by joggerblogger on August 25, 2009.

3 Responses to “Well it’s a start”

  1. Why km? Can we have miles please?


  2. YAY!!!! SO do you have clip pedals??? I will on the next bike I pick up. I fell off of mine the first ride out. I forgot to take my feet out of the straps and I went right over. It was so funny.
    A great big hug to everyone, we miss you all so very much. One of Nat’s teachers is from your side of the pond and town too. She told the teacher of you guys.

  3. Thanks for the comments πŸ™‚

    JogBlog – I’ll dig out my Garmin for the miles – at the moment I’m using a cheap tesco bike computer.

    Rae – Hi πŸ™‚ yeah a real old pair of clip pedals, still work well. They are easy to use, but like you say, you have to think when you stop.


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