Over the top

Over the top, originally uploaded by [rich].

Due to being pants at running and being an old git that shouldn’t do it anymore, I’ve been stuck for anything to get excited about on the exercise front. Runner Susan, Jog Blog and Rae all seem to be getting their bike on so I thought I’d join in.

It’s taken a week of working in the garage but I’ve resurrected an old Orange mountain bike from the scrap heap and made a cheeky little street bike, an I’m loving it.

Got out of bed early this morning to get a quick bike ride in – quick wasn’t really what I’d call the effort I managed. Seems like sitting on your arse for a couple of months makes you unfit. I managed to put in about 3-4 miles and only forgot my feet were stuck to the pedals once (much to the amusement of the traffic behind me at the lights).

I will dig out my trip computer so I can put some stats up in future fingers crossed I may find my fitness.

Must say it’s good to get out early and get some work in – I’ve already washed the cars and tidied downstairs  and it’s not even 10:30.

I’m hoping to carry on blogging – but you know me…

PS – Don’t faint all the Juenathoners have now got their trophies 😀


~ by joggerblogger on August 22, 2009.

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