Devil In Me

Devil In Me, originally uploaded by [rich].

Work at work and working on the house plus Juneathon seems to be taking all my spare scibble time. So I made an effort to spend 15 minutes inking a page in my trusty Moleskine – and guess what song was last on my iPod when I got back from my run before I began it….

As regards the running, I went out on my own and did my longest run without stopping since starting back – 2.5miles. LOL – 2.5 miles. The small person is still not 100% so we went for a mile and a half walk. Here she is:

Hi Juneathoners,
Today me and my Dad did a long walk and talked. We walked a mile and a half and talked about the Disney college program that I want to do.
Love JB Jnr


~ by joggerblogger on June 8, 2009.

6 Responses to “Devil In Me”

  1. HI!!! Hey you’re getting back up there!!!! And thanks the race was great!! My fastest mile sprint yet 12:17!!!!!

  2. that’s great jb.

  3. He’s splendid! Hope you’re feeling better soon JB Jr – all this fresh air must be doing you good!

  4. Well done JB and mini JB, hope you’re feeling better soon x

  5. You are doing great with the mileage. Hope all is holding together

  6. YOu know how else wanted to do a Disney college program? But when he got accepted he got in graduate school at the same time and thought that was more important.

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