JUNEATHON, originally uploaded by [rich].

Work has been a mare – busy,busy and more busy (but 75% less staff than busy times last year).

So sorry for not posting sooner. JogBlog has been setting up the facebook page for this years Juneathon, and I have just made this years logo.

What are the rules for this years Juneathon?

Well Jueathon started out as hardcore running everyday, but seeing as I’m a geriatric that can’t run at the moment I think this years rules should focus on ‘exercise everyday’ rather than run everyday.

If you want to run everyday feel free to do it, but if you want to cross train, bike ride, walk, swim, skip or hop everyday we will count in as well. Just make sure that you do it everyday.

What else do you need to do for Juneathon 3? Well once you’ve done your exercise you need to blog about it, if your on facebook – facebook about it. Also as this is a group ‘thing’ make sure you visit everyone who is in on Juneathon and post comments on their blogs.

Well I think that about covers it – oh yeah apart from this years prize.

At the end of the month JogBlog will announce this years winner who will be getting a lovely drawing from me (or if you’re lucky a painting). So if that doesn’t put you off – sign up and join in.

PS anyone wants to add or take away from the rules post the amendments below.



~ by joggerblogger on May 21, 2009.

20 Responses to “JUNEATHON III”

  1. YAY!!!!!!

  2. I’ve got to choose the winner? Eek, big responsibility. I’ll do it if you give last year’s winner his prize…

  3. I’m in!

  4. LOL – that means 2 pictures to do…OK 😉

  5. Oh, go on then, I’ll give it a go!

  6. I especially like your sentence stating you can’t run “at the moment”. That’s promising. Glad you’re keeping JogBlog busy but if it becomes a monster, viewing all the blogs will be a job in itself! Roll on that happening.

  7. Yay for Juneathon! I’m in! I do have one question… Since I’ll be in WDW at the end of June, would walking around Disney with a Dole Whip and a Mickey Bar count? Ha Ha!

  8. […] Joggerblogger is back and has come to take over his rightful place as Chief Juneathoner; visit his blog for the full rules and join the Juneathon Facebook group […]

  9. Count me in

  10. Bring it on. Can’t wait!

  11. Is there a list of who is in this year? I’m in even if I know there will be one or two days of idleness.

  12. How do you find out who is taking part and what the URL of their blog is?

  13. Am in, Am ripcurl82 (Tom) will be running everyday

  14. Great turnout guys!

  15. […] Don’t let your husband talk you into signing up for Juneathon III because potentially it will end in tears for one or both of […]

  16. I’m in!

  17. […] with all the playing/etertaining I do each day, but this year is different. You can see the rules here, and JogBlog has given a list of all the Juneathonites here (I will try and add links here […]

  18. Ok, for the non-FB users amongst us, what’s a Juneathon? If it’s about mileage, I’m planning to do 419 miles in June.

  19. […] reading other peoples blogs and seeing the myriad of ways they fulfil the criteria laid down by the Juneathon Rules. Press-ups, sit ups, yoga, running, cycling, rowing, walking, drawing… the list is […]

  20. […] makes Juneathon a bit easier too – I’m more than thankful to founder JoggerBlogger that it’s not […]

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