Where You Been?

JJ, originally uploaded by [rich].

Hi me again,

Well a few people have been asking the above question so here goes – get ready for a borefest.

I’ve been here in the background reading all your blogs and commenting when I could – but not too much commenting as I feel a bit of a fake as I don’t run anymore (not by choice I’ll go into that it a bit). I’ve also been blogging on my drawing and other art projects over at umetoys.com. But nothing really personal like I did over on here. Sorry if I upset anyone for just disappearing, but this year has been a hard one so far.

Why no running? Well my health has been a major issue to say the least and still is. Over the Christmas period I enjoyed a cheeky hospital stay and since then have been taking loads of different meds to try and sort myself out. I still have to go to the hospital once a month for check ups etc (I Love blood tests and Xrays now).

There’s 2 sides to the illness coin. On one side of the coin, my ankle, wrist and feet hurt all the time (which is a literal pain), I have to take meds twice a day and I’m not really allowed to run (but I wouldn’t want to at the moment). On the other side of the coin I’ve been filling my spare time that I used for running (I’m still working full time…for the moment – that’s another post in itself) with drawing, painting and sculpting.

The meds I’m on have killed my appetite and I’ve lost a fair amount of weight since packing in running – and the most terrible of all the news is I’m not allowed to drink…EEK! It’s been 5 months on the wagon and since I’m going to be on the medication for life, there ended my drinking career.

What’s wrong with me? Apart from being me, I’ve got lovely arthritis. I wouldn’t recommend it, but apparently I can’t give it back either. I’ve also got some other rubbish going on that I’m waiting to have results back on. All in all getting old sucks! 😀

On the positive side I’m looking to getting my ass back in GYM to do some weights and swimming so that I can at least get involved in Juneathon.

Well sorry for the long post – I’ll keep them shorter from now on. And keep coming back for JUNEATHON 3.


~ by joggerblogger on May 16, 2009.

8 Responses to “Where You Been?”

  1. Glad to have you back JB. Look forward to hearing from you again soon!

  2. Cheers Matty 😀

  3. HEEELLLLLOOOOOOOO from across the pond!!!! I have missed you so much!!!{hugs, hugs and more hugs} I miss the family too!!!{big hugs} 🙂 I am glad it is not anything, else, boo you have it. So do I. Sucks no more pints, 😦 And I will run for you!!! I promise!!!
    I made a copy of the Rich photo from fb and I have it laminated and I will be wearing it everytime I run, ride and swim!!!
    I will have to sit down and load some photos from last year.SO you all can have them. Playing the ps3??? If so what?? We will have to meet online and race!!! 😉

  4. Good to have you back JB, and glad you’re doing Juneathon, it wouldn’t be the same without you.

  5. Lovely to have you back on board. I’m wavering on signing up for Juneathon…what’s the definitive rules again? 😉

  6. […] for the Crisis Square Mile, which is my next race, and maybe commit myself to this year’s Juneathon if I think I can bend the rules […]

  7. I’m really glad your back to lead Juneathon. What would it be without you?

  8. You’ve not really been away for me, but I’m glad you’re back. 🙂

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