Happy New Year…

Better late than never… speaking of my running career at the moment ‘Never’ seems to sum it up 😦

I’m smegged off – not sure when I’m going to be able to start again, It’s been over a month now without any miles, the longest time since I began 5 years ago. To sum it up…Pants!

Why no running? Well, over the Christmas period I was rushed into hospital where I spent a festive few days. My wrist had been killing me then next my ankle swelled up yet again – but loads worse than I ever have had before (I couldn’t bend it at all). So I went to see the Dr who took one look at me and took my temperature and booked me in to hospital straight away with suspected “Septic arthritis”. The highlight of my stay was a 5 inch needle in my ankle joint rumage session.

I finally escaped with a carrier bag full of drugs (5 kinds) and told to rest up. To be truthful I have never this ill in my life. It’s settled down a lot and I’m waiting to see the specialist soon. My wrist is still wrecking though, making work sooooo much fun (also another reason why I have been quite as I haven’t even switched on my computer for ages)

So I’m not sure if I’m going to carry on blogging. Might post some day-to-day nonsense and drawings etc, but then again It’s meant to be a running blog. What do you guys think?

A great big well done to all the Team Voice gang that made the 1/2 and full WDW marathon last weekend, great work!



~ by joggerblogger on January 17, 2009.

10 Responses to “Happy New Year…”

  1. Carry on blogging, I say, there is a good community on the interwebs. I sorry I didn’t that you were so poorly I hope your specialist will have good news.

    love to you all


  2. I personally don’t read your blog because you run,I read it because I’m interested in you, your life, your family and your art work. I was very worried about your health. It’s really great to hear from you again and we all wish you a speedy recovery. I think taking some time off running is good. I plan to do just that for a couple months. I’d like to try biking. I also plan to keep up the pilates and yoga. Hope to hear from you soon. All our best…Kate

  3. Please keep blogging. There are lots of us who are interested in how you are and want to see your drawings and photos.

    I really hope the news is not too bad and you make a recovery.

    With best wishes

  4. Hey pal, please keep blogging when you can. Would hate to see you just fall off the map. Was able to do the jogging thing around All Stars with Rae, E, Mike, Kate, and Matt. Thought about you during that outing because you had mentioned jogging there before. Hope all comes together and you feel 100% soon.

    Purely a coincidence I’m sure, but do you realize you placed the words Dr and Who together in your post?

  5. You must keep blogging, you can’t leave us! Get well soon JB.

  6. Get better JB. Take it really easy ..hope you keep up the blogging

  7. JB!!!! Don’t stop blogging!! Hey maybe we should change our plans and come see you this year. I can go another year without DL. I know you love running, but your health is more important than running right now. Hey I can always push in a chair? lol

  8. You can’t stop blogging . . . what about all the pictures you can post. I hope you feel better soon. I’ve never heard of septic arthritis, but is sounds kind of nasty.

    Take care and follow the dr’s orders.

  9. You’re alive! You had us all worried. So Sorry about the illness, but really glad to see you back online. Please keep up the blogging. How else am I going to become fluent in Brit? Please rest and get better, we like to know how you all are doing.

  10. Aw get well soon matey!

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