Spider senses tingling…

Or is it the return of the cold…eek!

Got some cheeky miles in – 6 of the best. I’ll try and get at least another 6 in tomorrow.

Could you all do me a favour please – would you be able to take your resting heartbeats and comment them on this post. Just being nosey, I took mine today as I was waiting for a hard drive to erase. Mine was 54/55 – happy with that.


Walking Miles = 40 Miles
Bike Miles = 31 Miles
Running Miles = 83 Miles


~ by joggerblogger on September 29, 2008.

4 Responses to “Spider senses tingling…”

  1. The lowest I have measured is 49 but I am not sure it signifies much – I don’t rate my fitness or athletic abilities very highly

  2. 50bpm here, but I would say that while it’s not a bad measurement of fitness the recovery rate is more significant.

  3. 55-60 here resting.

  4. Always stuck at 70-72. Can’t work out why, maybe in the scheme of elephants – slow – live a long time and mice – fast – die early, i’m ready to pop off in a years time or so.
    Not until i’ve run around London in less than 3.40, though, eh!

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