I’m watching you…

Wow my legs are stiffer than a frozen pair of under pants today. I managed to get out for a walk and will start running again tomorrow.

I’m hoping life will slow down a little this week it’s been way to stupid for my liking. We have nearly filled in all the paper work to try and get some of our money back (bad news is we won’t get a fair chunk back) – but you win some you loose some eh!


Walking Miles = 27 MIles

Bike Miles = 31 Miles

Running Miles = 38.6 Miles


~ by joggerblogger on September 15, 2008.

3 Responses to “I’m watching you…”

  1. Hey JB I was reading one of your earlier posts and was wondering What XL company. Is that the name of the company you booked with. Just sort of confused.

  2. The Airline was named XL – but we had booked all our holiday, tickets, hotel, flights and travel insurance through one of their own travel companies names “Travel City Direct”. It’s a shame they went ‘pop’ as we have been with them 3 times before and the service was great.

  3. Well at least you are getting something back. Why so stiff?? Is it from the half.

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