Robin Hood…

Well the weather was great – a little overcast which burnt through to a nice temp. Turn out was great 12,000+ runners. Car park was a 3 mile walk away so got a nice warm up without trying to hard.

The race was great apart someone had sneaked a few extra hills in to the route (one was a breaker) but all in all a fun run. My Garmin showed miles = 13.6miles and time was 2.06 🙂 Happy days.

I did manage to mangle one toe nail on the way to the start line which meant I had to pull it off (gross) but apart from that no side effects.

Looking forward to next Saturdays 10K


Walking Miles = 24 MIles

Bike Miles = 31 Miles

Running Miles = 38.6 Miles


~ by joggerblogger on September 14, 2008.

6 Responses to “Robin Hood…”

  1. What a great time. So what did you do to your nail?? Sounds gross.

  2. AAAAHHHHH!!!! Pulling off nails is just horrible! *cringes*

    Excellent time!

  3. Well done. Where’s the 10k? Good news about the holiday too.

  4. Cheers all 🙂

    The nail was due to the ankle timing tag pulling my sock up high and making my already minging toes rub – not the best.

    Hi JB – thanks for the email the other day. The 10K is a virtual one set up with the team voice guys…

    Also a HUGE thanks to everyone for the sponsorship – it’s a great hospital that will really benefit from all your kindness.


  5. Well done! I am still gagging at the toe nail thing though :\

  6. Excellent time! Great photo as well – the quality of the yellow and black in the eyes is astounding.

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