Bracelets of doom

Not these ones but some these. I’ve worn them on the last two runs – each one weighs just over a Kilo. I wasn’t really sure how they would feel , but they are actually comfortable. The weight doesn’t really pull your arms it seems to really hit your thighs and also make you out of breath.

Well after the 13+ hours at work yesterday I managed a shorter day today and got out for a cheeky 1 mile walk, and then a 5 mile run after work matched with a 3 mile bike ride.

Has anyone else noticed that Autumn is here for sure – it was freezing this morning.

Walking Miles = 7 MIles
Bike Miles = 19 Miles
Running Miles = 10 Miles


~ by joggerblogger on September 4, 2008.

4 Responses to “Bracelets of doom”

  1. Happy B-Day to little JB and congrats on winning the August T.V. challenege

  2. Arggg and hello to my co-pirate pal. Nice outfit there matey. The boys posted our pics in the show notes this week. Autumn is coming here too. Interesting how simular weather here and there is. My trees are turning and the temps have been in the mid 50’s. Perfect weather for a nice run.

  3. Thanks Mike 🙂 I’ll pass it on – she was stoked from the show song.

    Jeff I’ll go and have a look…eek! didn’t know everyone would get to see me making a fool of myself. Off for a run, like you say nicer to run in the cool air.

    See ya.

  4. Happy Birthday to you!!! Happy birthday to you!!!! Happy birthday dear little one, Happy Birthday to you!!!

    See you soon!!!!

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