What a week!

Pants all round on the running front. My foot has been killing all week. I rested, iced and took some pills – seems to be better now thank goodness. I think it is due to me being tight and not wanting to pay for new trainers. So I let some moths free and spent some cash on some spanky New Balance.

I’ve been going out with the girls though (on my bike) Mrs JB manages to run the whole loop without stopping now – Cool.

Manage a walk yesterday, and I’m going out for my pirate run later with the girls. Tomorrow is a long run 14+ miles so I’m hoping that the foot behaves. Sam (one of the jogging crew I drag out at work now and) is coming over to see if we can handle the half marathon distance as the Robin Hood isn’t that far off now.

Speaking of the Robin Hood we are raising money for the “Kingston Hospital Born Too Soon Fund”. The reason behind this is a friend of ours has had a very premature baby how is currently battling it out in the hospital. If you fancy helping out a little our JustGiving page can be found here. Cheers.

Well hope everyone has a great weekend and you guys in the US enjoy the long weekend.

Miles for August = 148.5 (including tonights run)


~ by joggerblogger on August 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “What a week!”

  1. Glad you broke down and bought new trainers. I am working on E to get some new ones. Pc Hug to Mrs. JB!! I am SO proud of her! Can’t wait to see the picture.Love the face book pic!

  2. WHERE?!?!?

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