Well it’s been a busy and fun few days off work. Plenty of running and bike riding etc.

How did the horse trek go? Amazing! I was sh*t scared as it was a lot more hardcore than I had anticipated. The 2 hour trek started in the highest village in the UK “Flash” and the ride was a mix of going down mad steep hill paths full of loose boulders and 100ft drop offs to the river below, quick flat areas and then long climbs. The small person shone. She was in her element and broke of with 2 other riders and a leader for some seriously fast canters along the river side. It was great and we would love to do it again.

Mrs JB and the small person are still running and bike riding. Mrs JB’s running distance has increased over the last week and the new trainers and exercises have seemed to stem the shin splints.

We all headed out for a bike ride today, we did a great 6 mile ride in the local forest and back, we called in for a cheeky ice cream for the fun sized person at the local pub near the end of the ride which made her smile big time.

Cancer update – pants really. Dropping the old boy off in the morning for a trip to London for a bone scan and then he has another full scan at the end of the week. They have found the cancer and will be starting a 6 week campaign of blanket radio therapy :-/ Fingers crossed this will be the last time he has to go through all this cr*p, but cancer seems to be a little fu*ker that likes to stay around once it’s moved in.

Hope everyone has a great bank holiday. I need to get some serious miles in this week.

Miles for August = 131.5


~ by joggerblogger on August 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “Flash”

  1. Love the pic JB.

  2. Sweet! Where was this picture taken??

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