Busy Saturday.

It’s been a busy one over at Jogger Towers. Took Mrs JB down to the best Running Shop I know in the Midlands – Derby Runner. They checked her feet over made her do some funny tests and fitted her with some cool New Balances and also gave her some advice on how to beat the shin splints (more on that later).

JJ is doing well after operation ‘cut of your nads’ – he isn’t as tired as he was yesterday but has a right cackle rattle in his throat from where he had the pipe down it…fingers crossed for a full recovery ASAP.

The beard is growing back quickly – I’m taking a photo everyday and will stick them in a flash animation at the end of 4 weeks to see how it looks in fast forward mode.

After doing loads of household chores the Jogger Trio head out for a run. Mrs Jogger was sporting her new trainers and also some tubigrip ankle to knee supports on both legs. After our 2 mile walk and jog route the verdict is the new trainers rock and no more shin pains (well no new added pains) which is cool! Thanks for the advice everyone. Now Mrs JB is jogging I think I should get her to do a guest blog – what do you all reckon?

Music is something I haven’t mentioned for a while. I’ve mainly been running to the wombats, ting tings, linkin park and the sound track to the Sweeny Todd.

Hope you all have a great weekend – I’m off for a glass of the red to prepare for my long run tomorrow I read on runner susans blog that hangovers are they way forward for training.

MIles for August = 77.5


~ by joggerblogger on August 16, 2008.

2 Responses to “Busy Saturday.”

  1. never believe anything runner susan says.

    Oh, and when I ran the NY Marathon, some guy wrote his name “Nads” on his shirt and all during the marathon people were cheering “Go Nads” . . . made me laugh every time.

  2. Definitely get Mrs JB to do a guest blog.

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