Are we all idiots? They think so.

Last week I had a splurge and ate a pack of these bad boys – very, very tasty but enough calories for a small meal. whilst eating them I noticed the disclaimer on the bottom left of the pack LOL! Click the image and have a read. The UK must be full of simpletons.

On the running front – thanks for all the shin splint advice Mrs JB will be going to the running shop for some new trainers this weekend. 9 miles today 7 and another family 2 miler. I’m really enjoying the family time – happy days!

MIles for August = 68.5


~ by joggerblogger on August 14, 2008.

5 Responses to “Are we all idiots? They think so.”

  1. I had the same problem . . . but with ice cream.

  2. I can’t read it 😦

  3. Not actual size… Duh, really? Classic.

  4. Imagine the disappointment when the crisps are not the size of your face…

  5. Ah man, and I was all ready to get on eBay to purchase me some of those GIANT chips! 🙂

    You’re monthly mileage amazes me JB! Keep up the great work!

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