Beard today but gone tomorrow

This was my beard for the month of July – Mrs JB asked me if i would grow one and being a good husband I did. But It has been bugging the hell out of me since the weekend (swimming with long facial hair is just wrong). So tonight when I got in from work I took this photo and shaved the sucker off! Now I’ve been told that I have to grow it back.

Running today was a good 8 miles for me – Mrs JB has had a rest day as she has managed to get shin splints. Ice and rest a bit. Anyone out there have any good tips to help with the splints? It’d be great if she could not get them. Cheers.

MIles for August = 59.5


~ by joggerblogger on August 13, 2008.

8 Responses to “Beard today but gone tomorrow”

  1. I grew out my armpit hair once. It was gross and my husband forbid me to ever do that again.

  2. WOW! That would drive me insane!

  3. A Cavalier and not a Roundhead then

  4. As for shin splints: The first thing is rest and ice to cure the current problem, then a gradual build-up of the mileage so the calves have a chance to adapt to the exercise. The important thing is to make sure the calf muscles do not get tight so regular stretching is good and you can always help by giving them a massage


  6. Work up the mileage. Proper shoes. And it could be that she may need custom inserts because she might not land the right way. Plus strength training. Runners world had some really good info on their website.

    On the beard. I hear ya. I just get too lazy and let mine grow out. But when it is long and I run it gets all itchy & scratchy land and bugs the hell out of me. Infact it’s time for a shave right now. Thanks for the reminder JB. 🙂

  7. yr hair looks cool.

  8. But, but… you look so cool with a beard I can see why Mrs JB requested that you grow it.

    Love to you all


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