Red Knight at night….

…Small persons delight! The fun sized one fell in love with this knight last week, she says he looks like Mr Orlando Bloom – Mrs JB thought he was worth screaming for as well.

On the running front today I got a cheeky five miles for me then scored another family two miler. The little ones bike riding skills have gone mad, she is going mad for the hills – up not down. Odd child, can’t imagine where she’s picked that up from.

MIles for August = 51.5

Ps – Glad you liked the picture Phil, Warwick castle is cool – I’d love to go when it’s not full of people and take some better pictures.


~ by joggerblogger on August 12, 2008.

7 Responses to “Red Knight at night….”

  1. Is that a real horse? The mane looks like wool stuck on with glue.

  2. at the start of paula radcliffe’s autobiography she talks about meeting her runner dad down the road to run back with him to the house every day… so sweet and obviously a big influence…

  3. and yes the knight is quite handsome 🙂

  4. Yeah I will have to agree with you family on the young

    Great picture.way to go small person!!!! Cheering from the US crew!!!

  5. So cool your family is getting involved.

  6. It is a real horse 🙂 they did jousting on them… must admit it does look glued on though.

    Great to be able to out with the family for a run. I’ll pass the complements on to the red knight next time I see him.

  7. I will admit JB I agree with your ladies on this one. That is one Knight that can rescue me…

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