Back from the future…

…And the past.

First off the bat – thanks for all the well wishes this week J I’ve relayed them on to Mrs JB and the rest of the tribe.

We have had a really hectic schedule this week – and most of it has been spent away from the computer – which I must say has been great. We started the week off work by heading up to Sheffield for a weekend with the small person. This was mainly made up of swimming in the hotel pool, visiting museums, taking pictures and also a trip to the cinema to watch Wall-E (this film is great, I’d say the best Pixar has done to date).

Then we headed back down south Monday night for running and bike riding. Tuesday and Wednesday were Cancer days. Lots of tests (scans and biopsies and passing out fits) no news as to what the treatment will be yet (another 2 weeks of waiting)…

Thursday was another day trip – but this time to Warwick Castle. It’s such a great castle. They put on so much cool stuff to do all day including jousting, falconry, weapons demonstrations, the worlds largest trebuchet firing a flaming payload over 800 feet and there’s also the castle to look around and experience.

Friday was the last cheeky weekend planned away to end the holiday, much the same as the first weekend but in a Warwickshire. We visited the Museum of transport (where I managed to bag me some pictures of their super clean DeLorean) I have managed to go swimming 4 times in the last 3 days, I swear the small person is a mermaid. Now we are back home and it’s work tomorrow L

On the running front, been mainly small runs all week (Mrs JB is joining in the fun of the run now as well) and a few longer ones. I have been nursing an injury on my left foot that seems to be better (90%) now so I hope to up the miles next week.

Miles = Mon 2, Tue 2, Wed 10, Thu 7, Fri 2, Sat 2 and I’m just off out to do 2 more.

MIles for August = 35.5

PS – I promise to catch up on all the blogs ASAP…


~ by joggerblogger on August 10, 2008.

6 Responses to “Back from the future…”

  1. Howdy! Vacation sounds really nice. Aidan would love the castle and the flaming payload. 😉

    I’m in high gear now. Did 10 today and 15 yesterday. For the month I have logged 57 miles. I need to work up to a Saturday run of 10 plus a Sunday run of 25 before January.

    You really learn about your shoes on these runs. The pair I just bought gave me some blisters. As did the pair I bought before that. I’ll have to find a great pair before January.

    That’s Terrific about Mrs. JB running. My Mr. Kate has also taken to road with me. 🙂

    I have you guys in my thoughts and I’m hoping that everything works out for you.

    Take care and magical wishes,


  2. Mr Kate 🙂 Love it! Well done on the miles – SWEET! need to get my ass in gear over the next few weeks, got the half in about 4. Aidan would have loved the castle, plenty of drawing stations as well. I’m down on miles this month 😦 How’s the travel company going? Thanks for the post and speak soon.

  3. That sounds like you managed to do good things with your holiday despite the cancer stuff. Being away from the computer is something we all need to do every so often as is the occasional dip in training miles

    You are preparing yourself for a storming time from you on the 14th

  4. Wait? What cancer stuff?? Did I miss something? Is everyone ok?

  5. Yep, that was me on AATM. The guys finally got ahold of me, lol!

    Sounds like you had a great vacation. I’ve always wanted to see a “real” castle and the museum sounds like fun.

    See ya!

  6. sounds like you had a good time. When you were away i was trying out After effects you need to help me with this stuff! i will not pay you any money!!!!

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