The boys are a little better today 🙂 looks like the drugs are starting to work…phew!

Raining for a change today – managed to put in 8 miles. I’ve noticed I have started to get back ache when I stop running, might go and get checked over and see if I need to do anything to stop it.

Todays miles = 8 = 40 miles


~ by joggerblogger on July 9, 2008.

5 Responses to “Mine”

  1. Well done on the 8 miles. I did an 8 miler on Saturday and was supprised how good i felt doing it. I remember a time when i used to have to build up to that distance over many weeks. Im sure running gets easier the older you get…………..old git.

  2. It should be mega easy for me then 😉 I’m a mega old git and even more of a Meldrew than I like to admit.

  3. good job on the miles. kitties look good!

  4. Oi, I’m older than both of you and don’t need reminding, so shut up.

  5. Congrats on your recent anniversary. Sorry to read your cats have been ill. Hopefully they are getting better.

    Took my wife out to a “supposed” English pub last night. Enjoyed a bottle of “Old Peculiar”. Their web aite says it’s “The beer that made Masham famous!” The ale was good and was quite possbliy the only thing “English” about the place. The menu was a mix of American, Italian, and of course Mexican. We can bastardize anything huh?

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