The alarm clock went off just as I had set it last night at 4:00am, yeup 4:00am…wait a minute I didn’t set it and how comes the alarm clock sounds like a mad cat sat outside the bedroom door shouting his head off for food. The fat bugger wouldn’t shut up so I got up to feed them both and by the time I had finished that I was fully wide awake (you can’t beat the smell of cat food first thing in the morning). So instead of wasting my time playing on the PS3 I got my trainers on and headed out for a early run. The weather was lovely πŸ™‚ And my legs seemed to enjoy the early start and carrried me around a jaunty 8 miler without any fuss.

Well that’s all folks off to cut the grass in a bit…(still to early for that, don’t want to p*ss the neighbours of anymore than I already do)

PS – Good heads up from JogBlog about the “Black kids” go check ’em out.

June 1 = 4 miles
June 2 = 8 miles
June 3 = 2 miles
June 4 = 7 miles
June 5 = 9 miles
June 6 = 7 miles
June 7 = 5 miles
June 8 = 3 miles
June 9 = 7 miles
June 10 = 6 miles
June 11 = 7.5 miles
June 12 = 6.5 miles

June 13 = 5 miles

June14 = 8
Juneathon Total = 85 miles

Situps = 600


~ by joggerblogger on June 14, 2008.

8 Responses to “Morning.”

  1. We tend to make the neighbors a bit up set too. Does your kitties open the door to get in your room?? Our boy kitty Spanky does that. He slams in to the door, and then reaches up with his paws and jiggles the door knob till it opens.

  2. I missed my morning run. I just couldn’t get myself up. I’m going to make it up this evening.

    My cat Roo does the same thing.

  3. My early start consisted of a one miler on worrying shins then off to the parachute club to “rest”…hoping the legs will feel ok tomorrow, i’m not beaten yet!!
    Remarkable mileages still…you’re a star!

  4. Glad it’s not just our boys that are morning nutters!

    Cheers IlikeToCount – trying for around 190-200 this month, gotta get it done as my highest mileage per month ever.

  5. I’m going home to italy for 3 weeks and i’ll have to wake up super early for my runs if i don’t want melt!

    JJ – have you decided what to do with those LIKE ME who miss a day in the juneathon? have you seen my latest post?

  6. How do you setup those close shots on your cam? Mine are always fuzzy and wrong. I remember the first time i read your blog it was one of those shots that sucked me in. Now im running in a bloody Juneathon.

  7. If you have to miss a day it’s all cool – I’d say it’s more about the effort πŸ™‚ Italy for 3 weeks…LUCKY!

    Phil – cheers for the praise on the photos, I like to get really low on the floor for my pictures, and well done on the Juneathon mileage!

  8. yeah …lucky! not really when you are going to stay with your parents and your mum never stops talking πŸ™‚ the good thing is that i’ll get really spoiled and i can escape to nice cities pretending that i have research to do at the libraries πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    i am so glad i won’t be punished…yay!!

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