Go Go Bio-bot

It was an extra early start to put in some extra miles for Juneathon, 9 of the little buggers.

Work is stupid busy again so no time for any walking/lunch action. Just did my sit-ups and now it’s time for dinner.

JoggerBloggers 2008 Juneathon so far:

June 1 = 4 miles

June 2 = 8 miles

June 3 = 2 miles

June 4 = 7 miles

June 5 = 9 miles

Juneathon Total = 30 miles

Situps = 340


~ by joggerblogger on June 5, 2008.

6 Responses to “Go Go Bio-bot”

  1. How do you fit in 9 miles before work? Did you stay up all night?

  2. LOL – just get a kid and a couple of mad kit’s = getting up at 5.00am, no traffic on the roads, run at work and sat at deskt for 8:30ish…

  3. Blimey, I need to start clocking up a few more miles! Of course it takes longer when you walk so I’d be at it all day if I was to compete with that. Or maybe I should start getting up at 5 too.

  4. 5am??? wow! I am still dreaming at that time of the day:)

  5. I do the up early, but starting at 7 with a 3/4 hour drive isn’t going to allow a run. Even if my legs allowed such distance so regularly. You are a machine. And i’m jealous.

  6. You are just two miles ahead of Sore Limbs. Forget Euro 2008 this could be the serious June competition

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