Juneathaon Day 2

Up early (unlike the JJ in his dolls jumper) and out the door for a cheeky 8 miles to slap in the damp face of the God of Juneathon. Also sit-ups a plenty to be had.

No strength training today as my RSI has raised it’s ugly head again – gotta love getting old.

Good work to all the ‘thoners out there – the forum and facebook group are going well.

Juneathon miles = 12 / Situps = 150

Now I need to get motivated to make the Juneathon prize (Preston has done his part of the deal)


~ by joggerblogger on June 2, 2008.

5 Responses to “Juneathaon Day 2”

  1. See, it’s more popular this year, and you forgot about it. Tsk.

  2. Couldn’t you knit him some pants?

  3. Good job we’ve got you keeping an eye on the “a-thons” JB.

    LOL = knitted pants – I’ll look for some action man ones for him.

  4. so peaceful.

  5. how cute is that!

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