A message from Preston

June Monkeys

Today is the day. For the next month you’ll all be out there pounding your crusty-skinned jogger feet on the pavements of the world in the true spirit of human endeavour.

As a semi-retired runner myself, I will be with you only in spirit, although as an act of support I will be attempting to invent a powerful new cocktail everyday throughout June (or at least until I collapse/drink myself blind/wake up naked on a canal boat filled with lizards in the middle of the Indian Ocean).

Enjoy every sweaty, uncomfortably hot, draining, painful moment of it. Like Obi Wan Kenobi I may appear to you as a ghostly figure during your darkest hours, offering you words of encouragement, wisdom and insight. Probably not though.

Jog on…


~ by joggerblogger on June 1, 2008.

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