Bless, originally uploaded by jogger164.

Check out these 2 little boys. They LOVE each other. The best bit? seeing Jinx as tired as we were when we first got him – he is running around like a nutter after the little chap (and JJ has twice the energy). The plus side for the old slap head is he seems to like kitten food alot more than his normal munchies. He must have out on 3 stone in a week 😉

It’s official – I’m going to have 4 eyes soon. The flashing lights and lose of sight is due to me being well past half dead and working a computer 13+ hours most days…now all I have to do is find some specs I like. Did laugh that they put the drops in my eye that open your eyes up like you are on pills then sent me out to walk 1 mile+ back to work in the midday sun without sunnies on…error.

Runwise – Got up and did some cheeky miles before the work hit in.

This month is going to be the lowest situp challenge this year – check back next month for the new improved challenge.

Today’s miles 8 / May miles = 141 | Today’s situps = 0 May total = 800.


~ by joggerblogger on May 29, 2008.

3 Responses to “Thursday…”

  1. So when I said I was onto the Junathon, I meant I was onto watching you guys do it . . . I’ve done my fair share of athons.

    The boys are growing on me.

  2. Do they bite?

  3. LOL – thought you had signed on the dotted line 😉

    No biting from the chaps, they have to be the most loving little freaks that I’ve ever owned. They play fight a bit, but don’t scratch ever as they have really long fingers that cover their nails. They also put up with a hell of a lot from my little daughter that no other cat would.

    Plus they look like gremlins 🙂 what more could you want from a pet.

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