Jinx in his pram (LOL)

Jinx in his pram (LOL), originally uploaded by jogger164.

Well it’s been a bit of a lazy weekend at Jogger Towers.

The small person had exams all last week so we surprised her with a cheeky weekend away (very nice it was too) – not much running but lots of swimming and walking. Good job really as my left ankle came out in support of Mr Tundras and was swollen like a baboon.

It’s better today – and tells me it’s looking forward to Juneathon – as is, it sounds like all you mugs chaps 😉

I have put some miles in 6+2 and am aiming for 150-160 for the end on May. Not sure what Juneathon miles I’ll get hopefully an all time high – but I’ve also pledged to mix up the running with other workouts and also cut the sauce out for a month (well I have one “do” to go to…so all month minus one night) as well as the grog I’m knocking all the diet drinks on the head, so it’s going to be Tea, Coffee and Water for me.

Prize update – The lucky Juneathoner Champion will get their sweaty little mitts on a one of piece named ” The Asmatic Octopus”. More details and pictures soon.

Today’s miles 6+2 / May miles = 121 | Today’s situps = 50 May total = 750.

PS – How funny is Jinx in a pram – we got it out of the local paper for him (it’s actually designed for animals LOL!).


~ by joggerblogger on May 26, 2008.

8 Responses to “Jinx in his pram (LOL)”

  1. No booze for a month? Eek. I would join you but I’ve just checked my diary and I have too many alcohol-based evenings planned for June, including my new invention – the London Bridges Pub Crawl.

  2. Nice work on the pub crawl – My event is a London based drinking night too 🙂 How’s the new running shoes? have you been out in them yet…

  3. Not yet as I couldn’t wear the new top with them as it’s unlucky to wear red and green and today I wanted to try out the Nike+ Sportband again and couldn’t be bothered to untie the link and put on the new shoes. I’m going to have to try and calibrate the Sportband though. Stupid thing.

  4. he’ll be throwing his toys out soon…

  5. Hey I sent you the mail with the list of ADR’s!!! Jinx is so cute. Wow no drinking for the month?? SWEET

  6. COOL I’ll go and check it 🙂

  7. I love me some good Jinx! What good kitty.

  8. Well what do you think?? the MGE meet is on the 28th same as NSSHP.

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