Happy Hug

Monday, Monday – Very early run and another later – it’s so easy to get out of bed this time of year, I wished it was summer all year 🙂

My new mantra is Run When You Can As Far As You Can. This mornings run saw me joined by the Chinese State Circus, they are in town setting up shows – before I ran with them the local drunks had just woken up and were drinking their morning ciders…

PS – How cute is JJ, he should coming home soon 🙂

Today’s miles 3+5 / May miles = 55 | Today’s situps = 50 May total = 450.


~ by joggerblogger on May 12, 2008.

4 Responses to “Happy Hug”

  1. As you gave Mr Phil the Nike+, you’re obviously in a giving-away-things mood, so can you send me the cat please?


  2. Seeing as you said please… No way, the little person would go in to melt down. JJ is very cute, unlike his brother who has turned into a thug cat 😉

  3. i’ll give he thug a home if needed….


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