Final run of the month – Done!

I am knackered, I need some sleep soon (can’t remember the last proper kip I had). And this running thing helps wear me down. All in all though it’s been a good jogging month and the weather is really picking up.

I Went for a quick 5 miles today and found a new hobo in the park. He had managed to fall asleep on the pavement surrounded by 2 bottles of cider (or urine), his plastic bag and a puddle of p*ss. You gotta feel sorry for these guys, it must be harsh having that as your reality.

Today’s miles 5 / April miles = 150 | Today’s situps = 50 Feb total = 1320.

Year total: Jan 140 | Feb 102 | March 158 | April 150 = 550 miles


~ by joggerblogger on April 30, 2008.

One Response to “Final run of the month – Done!”

  1. Yay! You’re through for the month! I will be in a couple of hours or so.

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