I hate the Nike+

JJ 1, originally uploaded by jogger164.

As is I haven’t got enough voices in my head already, the Nike+ has given me another one to add to the chorus. Now every time I run the little black strap eggs me on to go faster even if it isn’t literally chattering away, I can hear it sniggering if I drop my pace or gasp for breath at the top of a hill.

The next time I agree to review something I’m going to make sure it’s a bottle of red wine or a pint of cider 😉 But I must admit it’s a cheeky little gadget and is always around as it’s not the size of a brick like the garmin.

Today’s miles 2+8 / April miles = 130 | Today’s situps = 50+50 Feb total = 1120.

PS – How cute is JJ, not long until this little nutter will be reeking havoc around the house.


~ by joggerblogger on April 26, 2008.

6 Responses to “I hate the Nike+”

  1. I’m taking my Nike+ Sportband out for its first run today. Good point about being asked to review bottles of wine. Would be much better than the cheesy 40 minute workout mp3 I got asked to review recently.

  2. LOL! have a good run 😉

  3. mine doesn’t tell me to go faster! lance armstrong does say well done when you reach a PB though….

    have you settled on the name jj then?

  4. Yeah I think that JJ is going to be his name – shortended to Junior when he comes.

    How do you sign up for races – I had a quick look but couldn’t find the one you mentioned the other day.

  5. Digging JJ. Looking forward to his homecoming and new pics with Jinx.
    BTW: I love my brick, best money I ever spent toward training.

  6. on the nike+ site …. you should see an icon for saving your place for the human race… when you log in…

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