Blu Bubble

Blu Bubble, originally uploaded by jogger164.

Not much running (2 miles) mowed the lawns, horse riding and other bits and bobs…did my situps as well 🙂

Today’s miles 2 / April miles = 67 | Today’s situps = 60 Feb total = 570.


~ by joggerblogger on April 13, 2008.

3 Responses to “Blu Bubble”

  1. Mowed the lawns and went horse riding? Is this on your country estate?

  2. LOL – Yes the west wings garden had fallen into disarray. I didn’t ride though – just pay and stand in the cold watching the small person going in circles for an hour.

  3. Now you have shattered my illusion. I imagined you devising your own cross training programme. None of this namby pamby cycling, elliptical trainers, indoor rowing machines for you. No only a horse will do for getting you toned.

    It promised to be a significant new addition to the training manuals. Somehow standing around watching your daughter go round in circles doesn’t sound quite as good.

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