Experiment anyone?

Not of the scientific in a lab kind – an urban running kind. To recreate my experiment you will need to follow the instructions below to the word.

1 – Skip dinner (and only have a packet of walkers french fries for lunch).
2 – Go to see your mates, drink at least 3 pints of strongbow cider.
3 – Get to bed at 2:00am.
4 – Wake up about 6:30am and drink 1 bottle of lucozade raspberry sport (sorry jb you will have to find a suitable alternative).
5 – Go for a 16 mile run.

The results of my experiment where amazing. I found that running on no food, booze, sports drink and little sleep was hard going. The countryside was nice and the weather behaved – but these were beyond my control. Other things to watch out for is around mile 10 stomach cramps and vomiting (lucky car drivers) also 2 more bouts of the same at miles 13 and 15, yum. But the main thing I have learned is that lucozade really stings when it comes out of your nose…eww!

I’m chuffed with the run though the longest single run in my life.

Good luck to all the nutters running around London village tomorrow,

Today’s and yesterdays miles = 2+16 / April miles = 65 | Today’s situps = 0 Feb total = 510.


~ by joggerblogger on April 12, 2008.

8 Responses to “Experiment anyone?”

  1. nice one jogger…. look after yourself this weekend tho’!
    i did my longest run ever this week as well…must be something in the air

  2. Congrats on the long run. I did one of my best 5k runs ever after a night drinking Shiraz. Another experiment for you. Get up and have toast for breakfast. Two hours later head out on a trail run with two bottles of staminade and water. Run for 4 1/2 hours on just those two bottles. Hit the wall. Get dizzy and fall over. LOL. Not a lot of fun, I know how you feel.

  3. I don’t like the sound of your experiment. Well done on the 16 miles though, are you training for your running commute? You seem to have accidentally forgotten that you said you were going to run to work one day.

  4. not sure I’ll take that on board…but congrats on you longest run ever!!!!! 🙂

  5. Ironically, I just attempted a very similar experiment…it didn’t work out so well.

  6. Miles great, and I hope you feel better.you nutter…

  7. Great job on the long run. Now don’t go and suggest your experiment to Jonathan & Rae for a May challenge. I would have to pass.
    Oh and thanks once again for the snow saturday. The new addition was a little put off by it.

  8. JB – I’ve not forgotten the running commute, just waiting to get a job nearer home 😉

    LJ – Well done on your longest run 🙂 good going

    Welcome and hi to Heath, Monica and Audrey always nice to have new people dropping in.

    Rae and Jeff… I’m not really a nutter (well ok I am)

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