…Come out for a long run with me. I’m gifted! Looking out of the window this morning the weather looked fine. Within 5 minutes of my 14 mile run, the heavens opened and haven’t stopped since. The weather Gods hate me.

That said though I had a great run, I tried a new route and loved it. Next time I do it I will take my camera as it’s a beautiful area – lots of it along an old railway track (from the old coal pits) and around Newstead abbey.

Hope everyone has a great weekend – we should be getting some more snow tonight.

Today’s miles = 14 / April miles = 27 | Today’s situps = 50 Feb total = 260.


~ by joggerblogger on April 5, 2008.

6 Responses to “Never…”

  1. 14 miles? Show off. It’s nice and sunny here though.

  2. 14 miles… ? londonjogger lets out a long loud whistle 🙂

  3. fek!

  4. Sweet! I am having a hard time getting back up to my 8 and keeping pace is off.:( Sending love from afar…

  5. 14 miles…? If only!!

    *Emma opens another bottle of wine instead*

  6. Emma – I like the sound of that more than a 14 miler…

    Running is hard at the moment, got to keep on plodding though.

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