Hello April…


A very windy 4 mile start to the month (hard going). I decided to go on an old route today as yesterdays run saw a naked guy out of his face on smack crawling around in the dirt under the bridge (not nice) and then an abusive group of teenagers having a go.

The trouble with the route today it’s along the river which has recently had the embankment cleared – It was like a wind tunnel.
Today’s miles = 4  / April miles = 4 | Today’s situps = 60 Feb total = 60.


~ by joggerblogger on April 1, 2008.

6 Responses to “Hello April…”

  1. Hey! Thanks for visiting and posting on my blog! I don’t blame you one bit for changing routes. That’s awful!

  2. At least you know where to find Preston now 😉

  3. Wind tunnel, Same here man it just doesn’t stop. Well that would have been a sight to see. Guess what E has been watching . Top Gear. He laughs through the entire show.
    Yes the 15k is 2k longer, 1.1 miles, during the day, and I will be past what caused me to be ill at TOT 13k. Wish you guys could be there.

  4. That image of the naked guy will stay for me for the next few days.

  5. Hi All!!!!

  6. Yeah it’s going to stay in my mind for a while 😦 Not good.

    Top gear is great show even if you don’t like cars.

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