Staying Puft

Well I finished Mr StayPuft for the Cancer Sell event – Think he looks ok 🙂

Work today, and a windy run (not me but the cold wind that Mr Tundra has sent…)

This month is flying past.

Today’s miles = 5 / March miles = 117 | Today’s sit/push = 60 Feb total = 1460.


~ by joggerblogger on March 25, 2008.

5 Responses to “Staying Puft”

  1. I love it. It is sorta like Ghost Busters meets Tiny Toons. Very Cool. Still searching for the sonic..

  2. Yeah i thought Ghost Busters as soon as i saw it 🙂

  3. He looks great. Snow still.I will think warm for you from FL.

  4. Cold? You wuss. It was boiling today. I like the fat white thing.

  5. “I like the fat white thing.” – So i’ve heard 😉

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