Who keeps switching the overnight snow machine on? if you’re reading this please STOP!

6 miles today in the snow and 2 yesterday situp challenge is still ongoing.

We are going to see Jinx’s new brother again today (he is 3 weeks old tomorrow) and a walk in the countryside. Speaking of Jinx we have had the log burner on the last few days (see picture) it’s well funny. He sits that close to it that it hurts and he sits there squawking at it.

Today’s miles = 2+6 / March miles = 112 | Today’s sit/push = 100 Feb total = 1400.


~ by joggerblogger on March 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “Brrr”

  1. Ok, I confess and I’ll go turn it off, just a sec……oh dear, that’s not good. The darn lever broke. Sorry Joggerblogger it looks like the UK is stuck with snow for awhile.
    Now, if I could only find my sonic screwdriver….

  2. I thought it was the work of Tudra Boy! I’ll have to send some long queues for you to stand on, but without the ability to complain 😉

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