Well it’s been a few days since my last blog. Sunday was a slow run – only 3 miles (my stomach was hating me… think it was a bug thing). Done some more work on the project for Cancer Sell – even done the box.

Ran a fast 5 yesterday and another slower 5 today. Sit ups yesterday and also Sunday none today yet…

Today’s miles = 2+5+5 / March miles = 79 | Today’s sit/push = 120 Feb total = 1010.


~ by joggerblogger on March 18, 2008.

6 Responses to “Hi”

  1. Hey not online with the ps3 yet. I just got it to load the update. I am setting it up after doctors today.

  2. No not yet just got it to update. I will try after we get home.

  3. What’s this project thing? Looks very impressive, anyway.

  4. Hi Miss JB 🙂 the project is for cancer sell – it’s going to be a night in April in the east end. I’m doing the Munny as my part.

    More info here:


    Rae – see you in paradise city soon…

  5. Love the artwork. 🙂

  6. PS3 yensid1 Finally!!!!!!!

    You would make a great imagineer at Disney.

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