Stitched up

Had to work late yesterday and no time for any breaks = no running and by the time I got my ass home I couldn’t face dragging it back out the door. So I did the situp challenge then had a few glasses of wine.

Mrs JB is continuing to lose the weight – another 1lb this week (she says there’s only 3lb to go until she’s at the weight she wants to be)

Got up at 6.00am as I knew today was going to be another busy one and I wanted to get my run out the way before work. I got to work and went for a 5 miler (I find it easier to get to work and run there as I miss all the 7.00 traffic). My left ankle was tweaking, but has settled down transplanting the pain to my right one…what’s going on with ’em? They need to settle down!

Did my Situp challenge when I got in – now I just need to make my dinner and jobs a good ‘un.

Today’s miles = 5 / March miles = 55 | Today’s sit/push = 110 Feb total = 670.


~ by joggerblogger on March 13, 2008.

One Response to “Stitched up”

  1. That’s a mighty small board for skating on.How did you manage.
    Great job Mrs.Jb!!!!! You’re awesome and I am so proud of you!!!! Can’t wait to see you!!

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