Frosty start.

Someone had switched on the snow machine last night then switched it to freeze.

Work was work – the drive home was wrong! It took over 2 hours. So glad I decided to get the £8 iPod charger so I can listen to podcasts in the car.

Runwise – some cheeky mileage today and sit ups.

Today’s miles = 7 / March miles = 16 | Today’s sit/push = 50/ Feb total = 180


~ by joggerblogger on March 4, 2008.

One Response to “Frosty start.”

  1. That is going to happen to our daffodils too! They are popping up everywhere and it’s going to freeze at least one more time before this winter is over. Things are good on this side of the pond. My running is going well. Training for a 10K next month and the 15K at Disney in May. The knee is starting to act up, but I think it’s my shoes. Hey, I have a question for your lovely wife. Email me if you get a chance

    Tell the small person hello from my small person.

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