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DSCF3021, originally uploaded by jogger164.

LOL – that’s what I was doing as the small person giggled as she took this photo in the British Museum last weekend 😀 Proud Dad moment or what. He he. More pictures coming from the history that Britain stole soon.

The weather has dropped off again – snow and rain. Half way around my run today to drinkers thought it would be a good idea to clear some more room for some extra super brew and stood puking all over the footpath – nice! Yesterday the same foot path was shut due to a bomb scare in the court house – man, I run some lovely tracks 😉

Still no internet at home :-/ fingers crossed for tomorrow. Has anyone else been cut off from the web? it’s bad. I can’t get over how much I rely on it. Sorry to everyone for not commenting, I promise to get back on it as soon as I get the new router.

Today’s miles = 4 / Feb miles = 4 | Today’s sit/push = 55 / Feb total = 55


~ by joggerblogger on February 1, 2008.

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