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DSCF2522, originally uploaded by jogger164.

What kind of idiot gets up at 6.30am in the pitch black puts shorts on and a top and goes running? Me! (why did I say I was going to run 160 miles this month) I hate being addicted to running – it makes me do things I shouldn’t do.

This morning was cold, about minus four, and I seriously need some new winter gear – all I have are a few jackets, the shorts are just not doing it for me at the moment.

After cursing myself for the first couple of miles I did enjoy the warm glow of my feet as they finally became toasty.

8.5 miles later and my dripping nose told me it was time to stop. I went back out and took a few photos (over on flickr) I do like morning frost and winter in general – just not the minging rain it brings.

December miles = 73 (that’s 5.4 miles a day until the end of the month to hit my goal…ekk)


~ by joggerblogger on December 15, 2007.

3 Responses to “Why?”

  1. Yes, you’re mad! -4? Eek.

  2. Ok, time for a silly question from your blogging buddy here in the states.
    Are you posting the temp in celsius? I assume you are.
    -4 farenhieght would simply be crazy. Especially in shorts!
    Not sure where I will end up with mileage here. Mousefest really put a dent into my numbers.
    There is a new 24/7 fitness gym going in around the corner from our place. I plan to check it and will most likely join. At least through the winter.

    Keep after those miles you’ll get there.

  3. Yeup celsius – wouldn’t be able to move if it was fahrenheit 😀

    I bet you walked miles though at Mousefest without knowing it.

    Nice one on the Gym.

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