End of week catch up.

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sphynx, originally uploaded by jogger164.

Quick little post today.

Wednesday = Work + 4miles + work then the train to London. Meet up with Jogblog for a few cheeky drinks and some fodder 🙂

We had a very enjoyable evening. We will have to arrange a meet up of all the running bloggers sometime soon – it would be good to put faces to blogs.

Thursday = 3 mile run (I really didn’t want to get out of bed at 7 to do this) + training (work related) all day, then the train home. The train broke down and the journey took 4 hours instead of 2.

Friday = Day off work 😀 7 miles in the stinking rain, and we have just watched transformers (if you liked the toys in the 80’s you’ll love it).

Total miles for December = 36 miles (looking good for 160 this month).


~ by joggerblogger on December 7, 2007.

2 Responses to “End of week catch up.”

  1. A blogger meet-up would be cool 🙂

  2. We will have to get everyone to sign up.

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