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Gremlin, originally uploaded by jogger164.

Hi all – sorry for not posting for a while… I tried last night but my internet has broken at home :-/ not sure when it will be fixed.

Today (Thursday) managed to get out for 4 miles. The weather is very cold at the moment – your ears really hurt when you get back in the warm.

Yesterdays post:
I managed to get out for a late 4 miles in the cold air. My knee still hates me; I’m convinced that it’s my trainers so need to get ‘em updated (they wear out too quick).

November mileage = 76.5 miles

Well then I got tagged by young Miss JogBlog. I’m afraid I’ve not photos to post looking like a goth, even though I love the music. Also I don’t know 5 bloggers to tag as she has managed to tag them all first.

Here go the 5 fun facts about me:

1 – I’m training to tattoo at the moment, so if anyone wants some ink let me know.

2 – I was a vegetarian/vegan for 5+ years.

3 – My favorite Star Wars character is Chewbacca the Wookie.

4 – I can hold my breath for 2 minutes 11 seconds.

5 – Up until last year the only computers I have ever owned were Macs (apart from my Vic20).

Well that’s it for me today folks. Normal service will resume asap – trip reports need doing :-/


~ by joggerblogger on November 22, 2007.

4 Responses to “Sorry”

  1. Yes. I’d like to hear more about the trip. Please.

    Mileage is looking very good.

    Training to tattoo?! How does one practice something like that? Or rather how does one find a volunteer to practice on?

    Chewie is very cool. But my favorite is probably Obi Wan.

  2. What happens if you hold your breath for 2 minutes 12 seconds?

    And what do you mean you haven’t got five people to tag? You’ve got a huge list of blogs on the left hand side, have a look. See, they’re just there!

  3. I hope you resolve the issues for the net.Get some new trainers!!!! So are you still vegan???

  4. Kate – You have to see if anyone trusts you enough to hut em 😉 Chewie was always my fav growing up.

    JB – I think I’d die.

    Rae – Need some new shoes. Not a vegan or a veggie anymore. Still don’t eat much meat though.

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