It’s Saturday :-D

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Sorry for not posting over the last few days – it’s been a busy week. But the weekends finally here so we can chill out a bit. Running wise since my last post I have done 4 miles+1 mile+13 miles. The 13 was this mornings effort. It’s really damp and cold at the moment up here so my chest was loving it. The route for my run is a nice mix of countryside and woodlands but the downside to it is the hills, lots of ’em. But I have decided that I’d rather run up a long hill than run down a steep one… must be getting old it kills my knees.

Hopefully we will take delivery of Pirates 3 today 😀 we pre-ordered it and I received an email telling me it was posted 2 days ago.

So far Novembers run totals add up to 56 miles. I need to put a long run each weekend now to try and get them back up.

Trip report day 8
Friday already 😦 but today was the day we had arranged to meet Rae and her gang. I got up early and went for a quick 2 miles (I was starting to wish I hadn’t signed up for the 13k). Time for a quick shower and out to Animal Kingdom to meet up outside Dinosaur.

We spotted them easily as they all had matching shirts (well the boys and girls did). It was really nice to finally meet up and we all got on well straight off the bat. The small people are now all best of friends. E is a scream – very funny! They all had fast passes for Everest so we headed over with them. I thought that we might just wait for them to ride it and meet up after. But Rae pointed out the single rider line was nearly empty so we headed off for that. The small person is cool – she rode Everest on her own (Mrs Jogger went first so someone would be waiting for her the other end). The ride is cool 🙂 I don’t think the Yeti was working when we went in as it was just the strobe lighting – he didn’t swing around for a grab.

Then we all went to watch the Lion King show (we got lost, but I blame E) – this show is really cool and a must see if you haven’t already. Then we made our way to watch the Jungle Jamming parade.

After the parade we had to make our way to downtown Disney for a package pick-up for the race. We all caught the bus over to ‘Pop’ where they were staying. Rae and E gave me a surprise gift – the picture above is of it. SWEET! E had made me a custom hot wheels of my fav car – Cheers chaps.

We all jumped into E’s sisters minivanbusthing (She is another nutter) and headed off. Package pickup was easy and then we said goodbye to everyone and arranged to meet up the next night for the run.

Before catching the bus home the girls had a cheeky ice cream sundae each in one of the shops. Back at the hotel we had a swim. Gotta love staying in a hotel with a pool.


~ by joggerblogger on November 17, 2007.

3 Responses to “It’s Saturday :-D”

  1. The van is very cool. E does a great job with the cars. Aidan loves his too.

    I love pools too. In the summer. It was way too cold for me to use the pool on the October trip.

    I love the Lion King show. It’s great. I still need to see Nemo.

    I need to get out for a long one this weekend. I still need to get my mileage up for January.

    Have a great weekend. 🙂

  2. 13 miles today. Nice

  3. Great trip report,can’t wait for the rest. 🙂 awesome on the 13 miles. I am breaking 2 miles this week!!! I can’t believe it!!!

    What to do about the breathing??? Any suggestions??

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