It’s tundra Tuesday

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Another really busy day at work, but I managed to get out for a late lunch and a 3 mile run. The weather has changed for the worse, it’s not t-shirt weather anymore. Today I had to run with a jacket on (still shorts though).

Trip report day six
No parks for us today. Don’t faint and know you didn’t read it wrong – no parks. Instead we made a visit to DownTown Disney. We had a good time looking around the various shops selling Disney everything and slowly walked our way around to Disney Quest.

Disney Quest was ok – not the all singing all dancing entertainment day out that we were expecting. The highlights for us were the Pirates of the Caribbean game and err, that was about it. The other games are ok, but nothing new from an arcade game view point. I don’t think that we will be going back anytime soon.

If you do go ‘DownTown’ I recommend the Magic shop I think that it was called Magic Masters. The chap that was running the shop was amazing, he showed us and the rest of the customers loads of tricks – the small person really loved it.

Well that’s it for day six… don’t worry we will hit a park tomorrow.

November total mileage = 33 miles


~ by joggerblogger on November 13, 2007.

One Response to “It’s tundra Tuesday”

  1. Downtown can be fun for a day. We usually do the Lego shop. Aidan always loves to play with the stuff there.

    As I mentioned to you in person, we don’t enjoy Disney Quest. It’s too noisy and crowded for us.

    It’s also fun to just be silly with things in the area…like the hug Dino looking at you near Planet Hollywood, or Stitch spitting on you, or peg-legged Pete and the skeletons rattling their cages, the guy throwing that big air ball…things like that are fun.

    This time we went and looked in the Art of Disney Store. We had a great time (excl. Aidan) looking at all the art work.

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