Sunday running…

Running was the last thing that I wanted to do when I got up this morning, but I dragged myself by the nostrils out of the front door and into the rain. I thought I’d wear my Garmin and upload another map for JogBlog, I bet her ears were burning as I minced around at the bottom of the lane waiting for my satellites to lock on. How comes it takes twice as long when it’s raining?

I managed a chest burning snot gurgling 4.5 miles and here’s what it looked like 🙂

The mist of the plague seems to be lifting at the house. We have just listened to a horrible histories CD about the Tudors, why didn’t we have these when we were kids. The small person is mad on the books – we have read them all after buying a box full at a car boot the other month.

Not much else planned for the weekend apart from trying to get better.

November Mileage = 25 miles (I’ve got a feeling it’s not going to be a huge mileage this month)


~ by joggerblogger on November 11, 2007.

2 Responses to “Sunday running…”

  1. Gee I may have to get one of those garmins.

  2. They are good – but I find I only use mine now to measure a route I’m going to run so I know what I’m doing.

    But must admit I’m loving the pictures (thanks jogblog) so I may be taking it out more… well when I run different routes anyways.

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