Welcome one and all…

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DSCF2262, originally uploaded by jogger164.

To Monty 🙂 this little chap is going to be the Jinx’s little kid brother 😀 he is very cute. Jinx already knows him as he stayed with our friends (whom we adopted Jinx from) when we visited Florida and this little dude was 2 weeks old then. He is now 5 weeks, so that means in the new year we will have another four feet running around the house.

Work was work, so glad it’s the weekend. The small person is fighting off a cold (she is the last one to be hit by it) so I imagine we won’t be up to too much over the next 2 days.

JogBlog has asked me to upload some Garmin Map google things so I will try and do that… it will be funny to see the route I jogged around.

is having a rough day so drop on by and say hi :-D.

Well it’s late again so I’ll try and do my next trip report tomorrow. Hope you all have a great weekend and get some miles in.

Ps Susan – he has got a sweater 🙂


~ by joggerblogger on November 10, 2007.

8 Responses to “Welcome one and all…”

  1. You mentioned Garmin. Do you use a forerunner? I use a Garmin 201 forerunner and I love it.
    It’s so nice to just go out and take off in any direction and see your pace and distance right there.

    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Yeah mines a Forerunner as well 😀 it’s an old school one, but still good. I don’t use it as much as I once did, but I like to wear it if I don’t know how far a route is or will be.

  3. He’s amazing 🙂 Great they will have each other.

  4. So adorable …

  5. Thanks JB ! Your new addition is a cute one! Tell small person to feel better!
    Up early. Can’t sleep.

  6. I’m still waiting for the maps. I don’t do patience 😉

  7. Monty is adorable. It should be quite nice for the two cats to grow up together and keep each other company.

    Sorry everyone is under the weather. HOpe you all get well soon.

  8. i’m happy to hear that! I just got Rowdy a new one today.

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