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Sleep wasn’t happening last night :-/

Work was hard – busy and my head wanted to pop. Managed a cheeky 4 miles.

Day 3 trip report
Another sneaky early start – I got up and headed out the door for a 6.00am run. This time it was a hot 4.1 miles. I really enjoyed these runs as I zig-zagged around the parking lots of all the 3 All Stars Hotels checking out all the cool American cars (for some reason they don’t look that big over in the USA… but a Mustang looks huge on the UK streets).

Once home and washed we made our way to Animal Kingdom for rope drop. We had a morning wake up ride on Dinosaur and then went and caught the first showing of the finding Nemo musical. It was brilliant 😀 I really recommend it to anyone who is thinking of going. Then we slide back in time on Dinosaur again went on the spinning roller coaster and the flying dinosaurs. We decided that we would head off at lunchtime to Epcot. So we jumped on the bus and was there in 10 minutes. We walked all the way around to the American adventure and had lunch there. Then went to Mission Space and meet up with a cast member we had made friends with last trip (the small person loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees her). We played mission space race 3 times then head back to the hotel for a dip in the pool.

Time for bed…

November total mileage = 16.5 miles


~ by joggerblogger on November 8, 2007.

6 Responses to “Hi :-D”

  1. Ah, yes. Love that Hurl a Whirl coaster in Dino-land. aka Primeval Whirl.

    My son is not keen on the musicals so I have yet to see Nemo. It’s on the list for my solo trip to MouseFest since I’m also sure that my sister will not want to see it on the 1/2M trip.

    Hope you get better real soon. 🙂

  2. We made friends with a Cast member in Epcot that night we were going to go see Fantasmic but we didn’t. We went back in to epcot and went over to the land and I picked up some cheese and fruit,kids got some chips and this CM was walking by and I asked if we could trade pins.CM sad sure we can trade more than 2.I said no thank you 2 is plenty.He said no really if you were to go sit over there and he was pointing at a table I will come back out with more to trade.So we did,The CM came back and he had loads of pins to trade.Oh my I said.I said you r small person would love this,and E’s Mom would have too. So we traded. We thanked him and he went on his way. We thought. The CM came back with this large envelope full of pins.This was unexpected. After that he said this is my name and if you are here on this days look me up and I will trade with you any time.
    Is that cool or what??

    Glad you got out today for a run and feel better. Sorry so late,I worked late.

  3. If you took your Garmin with you on holiday, can I see the Google Earth pics please?

  4. Will do… how do you do it though?

  5. Upload your data into SportsTracks (if you don’t have it, download it, it’s free and loads better than the Training Centre software that comes with the Garmin), then on the left hand side, click where it says “export” and export it into Google Earth, then save the image. Then upload it here so everyone can say “oooooh” 🙂

  6. * londonjogger is overtaken with garmin envy *

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