Day 1 back to work – Day 1 trip report

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Back to work today :-/ man was that a breaker. Everyone is ill at home ans at work, colds and throats… mine is burning at the moment. I was the only one to venture out for a lunchtime jaunt, managed 4 miles before I gave up and went for a shower.

But enough about the boring stuff – lets talk holidays. This trip was the first time we had stayed on Disney property in the USA and it won’t be the last – it was ace. We stayed at the All Stars Movies, which is a budget hotel but has 2 pools an arcade, cinema, food court and shopping area as well as these huge figures everywhere from famous Disney movies. The small person loved it to the max. When we arrived Thursday evening we had been travelling for hours so all went to bed straight away. But at 4.30am the funsized wanted to go and explore (that’s when the above pictures were taken). When we got back to the room the magic suitcase unpacking fairy had been hard a work and had put everything in drawers and cupboards etc.

We all caught the bus to Epcot in time for rope drop and headed straight for test track and rode it twice. Next we did mission space and also played the game. We decided to head over to MGM studios for the rest of the day and squeezed in TOT twice, Journey to Narnia, Muppet vision, Star Wars Jedi academy, The great movie ride and the animation tour and 2 drawing classes. Feeling a bit tired out we back to the room and changed for a swim and grabbed something to eat – then bed…all this on day one (it was going to be a long holiday)

Novembers running total = 6.5 miles


~ by joggerblogger on November 5, 2007.

2 Responses to “Day 1 back to work – Day 1 trip report”

  1. Sounds like a great beginning for your trip.

    I really liked it at All Star Music when I stayed there in September. The area outside the food court (outside outside) was just lovely with great plants and it felt so peaceful. At POP that are is noisy, crowded and decored with POPs.

    Did the LP get selected for the Jedi Academy? What characters did you draw in animation?

  2. It was 😀

    All Stars are great. The pools are great.

    Yeah the little on was asked to help fight against Mr V 🙂

    I think we ended up drawing them all at least twice the small person loves it… it’s an endless loop.

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